Jan 21, 2006

Thowar Roundu Skardu Baltistan

Thowar is the administrative center of Roundu Subdivision, District Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan. Roundu valley is an about 150 kilometers long canyon along the banks of the Indus River, Pakistan's longest river. The total population of Roundu Valley is approximately 100,000 and the Subdivisional Headquarter is at the Thowar valley. Gilgit-Skardu road passes through the Thowar valley bisecting the Dambudas, the market area and downtown of Thowar valley. Thowar valley serves as a base camp for the tourists who visit the beautiful areas of Roundu valley like Tormik valley, Bilamik valley, Stak valley and Talu valley. Buses traveling to and from Islamabad to Skardu passes through the Thowar valley, depending on the time of departure the buses make a stop over there for lunch or dinner. It takes about one and half hour to reach  Skardu city from the Thowar valley. 
The valley is also famous for the raisin and fresh grapes.


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