Dec 24, 2011

Kutia Lungma Glacier Stak Valley Skardu Baltistan

Kutia Lungma Glacier is a glacier range in Karakorum range of mountains in Stak Valley ( a valley in Subdivison Roundu and District Skardu of Gilgit-Baltistan). The glacier is about 1.5 kilometer wide and 12 kilometer long beginning from the last village of Stak Valley  to the south face and base camp of Haramosh-I peak 7406 m. In south there is the Stak Valley on east is the Parabar peak 6321 m high. The glacier is surrounded by the lush green Kutia Broq. The glacier has fictional story related to it which narrates:
There was no glacier in the early ages when the presently covered area by glacier was inhabited by the people. The area from where glacier is started was the center of the Stak Valley. Presently there is no population in the area rather it is used for grazing the livestock during summer. Once there was a king who had six daughters. The king had given away a valley to each of the daughters. The Stak Valley, being the biggest in the Roundu region and fertile of all, was given to Apino, the youngest and most loved one. But the locals did not treat the Apion when she was aged. She had lost her eye sight in her last days and once a person presented her a cake shaped dung pretending to be a cookie. She in return cursed on the residents and prayed to be vanished by god. She leaved the valley and glacier started moving downward from the foothills.Within few days whole valley was buried under the glacier.


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