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Dec 29, 2014

Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta Sindh Pakistan |Mosques in Pakistan| |Shah Jahan|

Shah Jahan Mosque is a masterpiece of Mughal construction located in the historic city of Sindh province. The mosque was built by Mr. Ahmed on order of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1647.The foundation of the Mosque was laid in 1644 and completed in 1644, later the floor was paved with stone in 1657. Shah Jahan Mosque has no minarets unlike other Mosques and only one dome. The Mosque is a combination of Turkish and local artwork. 
The Mosque has been in the list of UNESCO tentative Heritage since 1993 but has not yet archived official recognition.

PTDC Motel Naran KPK Pakistan with contact detail | | Naran Kaghan Pakistan Hotels

PTDC Naran is one of the most beautiful and naturally overwhelmed motels in all of the PTDC Motels on the bank of Kunar River in Naran Valley KPK. The motel is on the national highway N-15 which connects the KPK province with Gilgit-Baltistan, the land of mountains. The motel is surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The motel is surrounded by the lush green mountains covered by the evergreen forest, Kunar River in the west and a stream running from the most famous tourist point Saiful Muluk Lake to the west falls into the river making a junction at the place where the motel is located. 

The motel has a vast area of 20 acres for indoor and outdoor activities having huts, standard rooms, and economy rooms. On the adjacent mountain top, there are 3 VIP cottages for more accommodation.   
Facilities and Services:
PTDC Naran is one of the motels in Pakistan which provide lots of services and cuisines compare to other motels include:

Recreation Facilities:
PTDC have an entertainment hall in which one can enjoy different kinds of games. For children, different kind of gaming things is installed. There is also a giant-screened television on which one can watch different national and international news. 

The motel provides Pakistani as well as Western and Chinese food. As trout fishing is famous in the nearby Kunar River, therefore, fish is mostly served in a different form. 

Other than facilities mentioned above one is provided following facilities: laundry, telephone, satellite TV etc. 

Contact Detail:
For reservation and other queries contact on the following numbers
Ph: (0997)-430002, Fax: 430111

PTDC Motel Ayubia KPK Pakistan with contact detail

PTDC Motel Ayubia is located at a distance of 90 kilometers from Islamabad in the mid of Nathiagali and Murree. Ayubia is one of the most beautiful densely forested regions with all-weather road connection from all over the Pakistan. The motel has outstanding services which include: classic comfortable and deluxe rooms, different kind of national and international cuisines, satellite TV, laundry and car rental services. 

Points of interest:
Residing in the motel one can easily visit the chairlift of Ayubia from which one can enjoy the aerial view of whole Ayubia. Also one can visit the Mashkpuri and Miranjani mountains easily from here. 

Contact detail:
For reservation and queries one can contact on the following:
Tel: (0992)-359004   Fax: 359200

Top 20 most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan

The landscape of Pakistan provides the tourists with a plethora of options to visit; be it sunny beaches of Karachi and Gwadar, barren sandy plains of Balochistan, fertile vast plains of Punjab and Sindh, green carpeted hilly areas of KPK and Azad Kashmir or towering rocky mountain ranges of Gilgit-Baltistan, the country is bestowed with varying landscape. 
But when we talk about the tranquil waterfalls of Pakistan surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes, from lush green low altitude areas of Punjab to the high altitude areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, the sound of rushing water beckons the tourists. The waterfalls tumbling down from rocky outcrop looks so inviting and charming that you can't abstain yourself from taking a dip in the crystal clear water. The happiness and calmness when the serene water trickles down the body, from the head, all the way to the toes, freshens your soul.  
We know that you want to know about the best and beautiful waterfalls all around the Pakistan as you want to visit these with full preparation, as every region needs different tourist gears when you want to spend maximum time at these landscapes. Therefore we have not only put the pictures of waterfalls but fully explained the landscape; how to reach and what are the possible routes to reach there. Just go through the links and choose the best one you want to visit and move on towards your next destination. 

Following is the list. 

To see the details click on the titles given.

Shingrai Waterfall Swat KPK

Pir Ghaib Waterfall Bolan Balochistan

Farphu Waterfalls Gilgit, GB

Naran Kaghan Waterfall KPK

Jamgar Waterfall Neelum AJK

Gulpur Waterfall AJK

Chum Waterfall AJK

Bamburret Waterfall KPK

Hanna Urak Waterfall Balochistan

File:Waterfall urak.JPG

Chotok Waterfall Balochistan

Ashraf Chhambar Kahota Punjab

Khadeji Waterfall near Karachi Sindh

Narh Waterfall Kahuta Punjab

Dec 28, 2014

Shounter Valley or Pass Azad Kashmir | | Shounter tunnel to connect GB and Azad Kashmir

If you live in a mega city or even in an area where there is no mountain and you have only heard of the beautiful and picturesque green carpeted sceneries of Kashmir in movies and pictures then it is time pick the backpack and move on towards the Kashmir. The lush mountains covered by evergreen forests with blooming flowers in the summer scents the air to fill your lungs with the fresh air. The crystal clear streams running downstream and the trails passing through these wooded places give your soul a refreshment.
Shounter is a valley in Upper Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir from this valley one can reach the Astore Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan via Shounter Pass. 

The best time to visit this valley and pass is from May to August because most of the time it is being covered by snow. It can be accessed from the Kel Valley by a jeep track which gets opened for few months of the summer. This heavenly place has many picturesque and stunning places to see and visit. Lakes of this valley are famous in all over the Pakistan. The landscape is so breathtaking that one doesn't want to leave the valley once reached there. 
Moreover, govt. of Pakistan has allotted budget for a tunnel which would link the Shounter valley of Azad Kashmir and Rattu village of Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan. The tunnel would be approximately 10-12 km long and after completion, the distance of Islamabad to Khunjrab (Pak-China border) would be shortened by 8 hours. So this would be the third route to reach Gilgit-Baltistan, two routes already operational (KKH and route through Babusar Pass).

Jeep track which leads to the Shounter pass which connects the valley to Astor valley of  Gilgit-Baltistan
The number of picturesque lakes in the valley are:

  1. Chita Katha lake
  2. Lunda Sar lake
  3. Shounter lake or Spoon lake
  4. Baboon lake
  5. Parrian Sar
  6. Sar Wali Peak Base Camp Lake
  7. Asman Baik Sar/Lake
Shounter lake

Thatta District of Sindh | | Thatta city | | Places to visit in Thatta

If you want to enjoy the ancient cultural remnants, historical buildings then Sindh province is where you would find many of these. Sindh has been one of the oldest living sites of the world where once the Indus valley civilization flourished and set an example of oldest planned cities of the world. 
Later during the Mughal era, the kings and the local tribal heads constructed marvelous forts and many other kinds of public buildings which were unique in their architecture and they employed a unique kind of calligraphic inscriptions and decoration on the buildings which are known as the prominent feature of the regional architectural style. 
Thatta is the capital of Thatta District located in the southeast of Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is far and more than100 kilometers away from the Karachi city and almost at the same distance from Hyderabad. It is among the top most ancient cities of Pakistan.

Tourist points include Shah Jahan Mosque, Makli Hills, and the tomb of Jam Nizamuddin.
The Tomb of Isa Khan Tarkhan II. He was the person who defeated Arghuns in 1555.

Shah Jahan Mosque Thatta Sindh.

Inner View of Shah Jahan Mosque, the combination of Turkish and local artwork

Hiran Minar Shiekhupura near Lahore | | Places to visit in Shiekhupura

Hiran Minar is one of the most spectacular and beautiful monuments of the Mughal era constructed by the Emperor Jahangir for his pet deer named, Mansraj. The structure consists of a large square shape water tank which surrounds the octagonal pavilion in the center. The minaret is connected with the pavilion by the causeway.
If you are in Lahore or around then you shouldn't miss the chance to visit the Hiran Minar.  It would take a maximum of 2 hours to reach there from Lahore and once you are there, you would enjoy the classic architecture of Mughal Era. Once you are on the site the best thing is to go there at the pavilion in the center and have a look at the majestic lake and the walls around the lake. The causeway will lead you to the pavilion in center. Even you can go downstairs of the pavilion and touch the water, there are stairs from the pavilion to all sides down the water surface.
You can enjoy the board riding in the lake as well. Around the lake and the minaret, there is thick forest which is home to the local species of birds and some animals. Besides the minaret, there is a sign board on which the history of the minaret construction and why did Jahangir construct the minaret and the lake is given. 

Dec 3, 2014

Handarap Valley Ghizer Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan has unique and of its kinds of places which you would never find in other parts of the world. The region is where world's three mightiest mountain ranges (Himalaya, Karakorum, Hindukush) merge and the whole region is mountainous and full of glacier spanned over miles. The mountains are bald because very less rain is observed in the region and of course the mountains are rocky and towering, standing thousands of meter above sea level.
The beautiful thing is, although most of the places consist of ravines but some places are vast and beautiful. Skardu, Deosai plains in Skardu, Shigar valley and Handarap valley in Ghizer are the example of such places. These areas are spanned over miles and tourists are crowded in these areas especially in summer.
Handarap Valley is a beautiful and panoramic valley in Ghizer District of Gilgit-Baltistan. The valley is located at a distance of about 150 km from the Gilgit City. The valley is located on the Gilgit-Shandur Road on the bank of Gilgit River. Nearby tourist attractions are Phandar Valley and Handarap Lake.