Oct 9, 2014

Basho Valley Skardu Baltistan

Where is Basho Valley located?

Basho is a beautiful and picturesque valley in Skardu city at a distance of about one and half hour drive from the main city. The valley is covered by the lush evergreen forest of pine, juniper and others species of trees, pastures and gushing, gurgling and trickling streams which make it a part of the heaven. The top of the peaks remains covered by the snow even in the summer.

Why should you visit the Basho Valley?

If you have visited the Skardu city then this place should be on the list of must-see places because it is near the city and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayan and Karakoram peaks at one spot. When you are at the meadows of Basho valley then you will be witnessing the world's two highest mountain ranges at the same spot. The Basho valley itself is one the Himalayan side and the towering rocky mountains across the Indus River are the Karakoram mountain ranges. So you would witness the gleaming icy summits of the two mountain ranges from some 11000 feet above the sea level. 
The best thing is you can return to Skardu city after visiting the valley via a jeep road. You can enjoy fishing and also taste different kinds of fruits: apricot, apple, grapes etc.
Keep in mind that the road leading to this valley is unpaved and only Jeep or Toyota can reach up to the top of the pastures. Small vehicles like taxis, Suzukis or cars wouldn't be able to reach the top. 
Also if you want to buy any kind of fishing or hiking gear you should buy these things in Skardu city before departure. There would be no shops except the small grocery shops, so stock yourself with whatever gears you want to take with you. 


  1. This is best and mesmerizing valley I have visited in skardu so far. A must visit place and best place for camping and bonfire. It is located almost at 2 hours drive from main Skardu city
    Usman Majeed

    1. is it a jeep track or normal coaster can go there?

  2. It's a Jeepable track with 4 wheel drive. Normal coaster or 2 wheel drive vehicle cannot go thr.


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