Top mistakes in social media and its repercussions on us

Social media plays a pivotal role in the advancement of ideas and its implications; however, it depends upon individual’s eagerness in showcasing it. The more we consistent about an idea the better we get rewards of it, but despite substantial counseling and directions, the basic objective of Social media has way more deviated from its basic requisites.

Social media is inseparable part of our life
There was a time when communication was not that easy as it is today. A decade ago it would have taken weeks and even months to say “Hi, how are you?” to a person living in another city if one is living in mountainous and remote areas like Himalayan, Karakorum, Hindukush  and Tibet regions which are also known as the top of the world where road links and transportation were minimal. Do you remember the days when messages or notes would send a thorough post and one would find a joy if a letter is received from the dearer one away from us? But today saying “Hi, how are you?” is just pressing a finger away. In nutshell the communication has evolved from the pigeon post to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and the list goes on. Now we and the social media is an indivisible duo; because it is not a formality to own a mobile phone or a smartphone having Whatsapp installed, rather it has become a part of our job and responsibilities with increasing trend of using the social media for official communication as well.  
Social media is changing the world
Around the world, billions are using the social media for communication, entertainment, business etc and it is estimated that by 2018 around 2.44 billion people will be using the social media.
There are some interesting facts:
  • Ø  More people own the social media than the toothbrush
  • Ø  Facebook is the largest country on the earth
  • Ø  Grandparents are the growing user of the Twitter

Is social media boon or bane?
Having talked that social media has made our life easy; there are a growing and grave debate that is the social media a boon or a bane? Well, to conclude we don’t need to go in a long debate and discuss all the positive and negative points of the social media and then make a final decision.  It all depends on you i.e. for which purpose, how long, how and why you use the social media. 
Is social media deviating from its core purpose?
Social media is not confined to the communication between the individuals; it has now turned into a separate world where many good and bad things are happening. For instance; it is using for charity work, business promotion, the proliferation of information, social and political empowerment of people etc. But when it comes to the transfer and proliferation of information sometimes the users deviate from the core values.
Now on some forums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter people just care for growing their followers and sometimes it becomes the matter of pride and rivalry to collect more and more followers and the core purpose of transferring the positive, actionable, informative and normative information is buried under the goal of their illicit means. Sometimes the purpose becomes limited and instead, they go for growing the audience and referring them to their websites for the purpose of business. Below we are going to list some of the mistake and its effects.
Information leakage the persistent peril for the future
Using the social media is well if one knows the way of usage and its purpose of usage. Sometimes people disclose such facts and information which become a serious threat and havoc for the organization and individual as well. For instance; once an Israeli military men disclosed the information on Facebook about their raid and they had to cancel it because of the pre-disclosure. Same thing was happened, with the military of UK.
Cybercrime is increasing due to social media
Through social media, the cybercrime is increasing at an advanced pace. Cybercriminals are no more interested in the organization; rather they attack the individuals doing work in the organizations and they fall prey to them because of their alluring benefits. They get special credential through the employee by tricking him/her to click on a link and alluring them to install certain apps to steal the confidential information.
Social media sometimes spread false information
What we see on social media is not what happens in real life. Sometimes a single wrong post by the user or by the social media management becomes a headache and sometimes causes certain causalities too. For instance; the Facebook once sent a safety measure check to the users all over the world saying “Have you been affected by the blast?”, When the Lahore city of Pakistan had experienced a deadly blast. The users were embarrassed and worried after receiving the safety check, some thought that their area would have been under attack and I must flee as soon as possible.
Also, sometimes people share, like, favorite, hashtag a video or picture on the social media without knowing the right source of information which causes serious issues later. Sometimes people post the edited pictures and videos to defame and to gain illicit means which triggers anger and tension and religious clashes. One such incident was observed in India where on a Facebook post-communal clashes were erupted killing a person and forcing many to flee the area.

Is banning the social media an ultimate solution?
Keeping all the repercussions in mind; one can think, is the banning of social media solution of all these negative prospects? Like in some countries certain social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram etc are banned.
We all know that cyberbullying is one the menace of the modern days and many have lost the life because of this heinous crime. But what we need to do is not to ban rather talk about the behaviors that are unacceptable.

Blocking the social media websites also deprives the people of the worthwhile information and even materials related to studies and researchers like YouTube is banned in certain countries which in one term is the curbing of civil right. 

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