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Dec 30, 2001

Top 5 historical buildings of Gilgit-Baltistan

The Gilgit-Baltistan region is one of the most spectacular regions of Pakistan. Historically, the area has remained a flash point of political and military rivalries amongst the Russian, British and Chinese empires. Immediately after the end of British rule in the sub-continent in 1947, the people of this region decided to join Pakistan through a popular local revolt against the government of Maharaja of Kashmir. Therefore, the architecture design in Gilgit-Baltistan has the combined taste of all these regions. 

There is a  dozen of forts in Gilgit-Baltistan because the region had been under the control of the Rajas (Monarchs) from Mughal era to the end of Maharaja rule. During the Mughal and Maharaja reigns, they use to appoint a Raja for every region which would be about a district size of nowadays. The Raja was the central authority of the region and he used to collect taxes and run the governance. Therefore every Raja would have a fort. Although there are a number of forts in the region but the following are prominent and famous forts. 
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                                                          Kharphocho Fort Skardu