Soon Valley Khushab, Pakistan

The 'Soon Valley' (Wadi Soon Sakesar) is the famous valley of Pakistan located in the central Punjab province. The Valley is situated in the northwest of Khushab. Naushera is the main town of the Valley. The Valley starts from Kathwai village and ends to Sakesar that is the highest peak of Salt Range. The length of Soon Valley is 35 miles (56 km) and average width is 9 miles (14 km). The area of Soon Valley is 300-square-mile (780 km2).

Although not as cold as the valleys up north, Soon Valley consists of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, jungles, natural pools and ponds. Soon valley is also blessed with an ancient civilization, natural resources, and fertile farms. There are some special features of this valley that distinguish it from other areas, without knowing about them it is very hard to understand its importance. Mardwal, Khabeki, Dhadhar, Manawan, Suraki Sabhral, Khoora, Naushera, Kufri, Anga, Ugali, Uchali and more about 30+ are important towns in the soon valley. Kanhatti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Da'ep and Sakesar are resorts to visit.  Awan tribe is settled in Soon Valley. Located at a height of (1,530 m) above sea level, Sakesar is the only mountain in this part of the Punjab which receives snow fall in winters.

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