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Oct 22, 2017

Trango Towers Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Where are the Trango Towers located? 

The Trango Towers are located in the Karakoram mountain ranges in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. In short, the Trango Towers are located on the way to K-2 and other mighty mountains, but the towers are some 40 kilometers before the base camp of K-2. The towers are located at the north of Baltoro glacier, in fact, if you are going from the north side, it is the starting point of Baltoro Glacier. 

Trango Tower (Nameless). This is the most famous of all towers

How to reach there? How long does it take? 

Reaching the base camp of Trango Towers is somehow difficult but not that challenging if you are determined climber and nature lover. You don't need to be an acclaimed rock climber for enjoying the worlds greatest vertical drop, reaching the base camp would be a great accomplishment to enjoy the serene beauty of the towers. 
To reach there at the base camp of Trango Towers, first, you need to reach the Skardu city. You can choose to reach Skardu by road or by air.
Once you are there in Skardu, then you will move towards the K-2 through Shigar valley via a jeepable road. The last human settlement will be the Askole and Korphe, from there onward you need to trek.

Some interesting facts about the Trango Towers

Most people think Trango Towers will be comprised of 2 or 3 rock towers. But, in fact, the tower consists of 10 rock towers and most of the familiar and famous one which has been pictured most and climbed is the Trango Tower (Nameless), shown in the above picture. It is called the Nameless because all the 9 towers of the Trango Towers have the name but this one has no name and just call as Trango Tower and people consider this one as the real Trango Tower because this tower has the sheer surface and presents the most challenging task.

List of Trango Towers with elevation 

Great Trango consist of 4 towers
  1. Main (6,286 m (20,623 ft)), 
  2. South or Southwest (6,250 m (20,510 ft)), 
  3. East (6,231 m (20,443 ft)), and 
  4. West (6,223 m (20,417 ft))
Others include:
5- Trango Tower (Nameless)  (6,239 m (20,469 ft))
6- Trango Monk (5,850 m (19192 ft) 
7- Trango II (6,237 m (20,463 ft)
8- Trango Ri (6,363 m (20,876 ft))
9- Trango Pulpit (6,050 m (19,850 ft)
10- Trango Castle (5,753 m (18,875 ft)

Oct 15, 2017

14 best places of Gilgit-Baltistan to visit in Autumn

Gilgit-Baltistan in the extreme north of Pakistan is endowed with all kind of the serene beauty of nature, be it, the towering rocky mountains with gleaming icy summits, exquisite crystal clear freshwater lakes, or meadows stretched over thousands of acres with blooming wildflowers and much more.
But one of the best things to enjoy in the region is the colorful season of the year in the region i.e. the "Autumn Season". Most of the people visit the region in the summer because for mountaineering winter is not suitable. Also, if one wants to visit the far furlong places in the wilderness like Deosai Plains, then summer is the best season to enjoy. But if you want to enjoy the colorful season of the region then you must visit the region in autumn. 
To have a sight stretched over hundreds of miles with dozens of colors is just amazing. If you are lucky enough to sit in a garden surrounded by the eucalyptus trees then the flying colorful leaves in the air will be the best scene to enjoy and refresh your soul. 

1- Upper Kachura Lake Skardu 

2- Shangrilla Resort Skardu 

3- Khaplu Valley Ganche

4- Hunza Valley 

5- Nagar Valley 

6- Thalay Valley Ganche 

7- Katpana Lake Skardu 

8- Road to Skardu and Khaplu 

9- Gojal Valley Hunza 

10- Passu Village Hunza 

11- Hussaini Village Upper Hunza 

12- Shigar Valley Baltistan

13- Ghizer Valley 

14- Ghizer Valley GB

Sep 4, 2017

Top 5 things to do in Skardu

Skardu is one of the most visited tourist cities of Pakistan and in summer the Skardu city is flooded with the tourist from all around the world. As Skardu is the base camp for the worlds mighty rocky mountains like K-2 Gashabrum, Mashabrum and worlds highest plateau Deosai, the tourist from around the globe first land here and then diffuse in different directions. 
So when you land in Skardu without any prior knowledge of hot tourist spots it could be difficult for you to choose and move towards a specific direction. The reason is, there are dozens of amazing and picturesque places in and around the Skardu and without any plan, you can face difficulty in choosing the best spots.  So, here are our suggestions. 

Deosai Skardu in summer

Top 5 places you must visit in Skardu

Of course, there are many places to visit, but if you don't have enough time then you should choose the best 5 places, as you can say these are the identity of Skardu and you can proudly say you have visited the Skardu. If you miss any of these 5 places, you actually haven't been there in Skardu. 

1-Deosai Plains 

The best place we would say in Skardu where you can feel the wilderness and enjoy the serene beauty of nature is, of course, the Deosai Planes. The Deosai welcomes you with the fragrance of blooming wild flowers stretched over thousands of square kilometers this is actually the place where you would find peace, wilderness a sense of satisfaction. 
You can do fishing at the Bara Pani and have a chance to see the brown bear (the only species which is found in Deosai) if you are lucky enough and take amazing photographs at the Sheosar Lake.

2-Shangrila Resort 

Shangrila, a part of heaven, surrounded by rocky mountains of Himalaya and Karakoram this marvelously designed resort is only at a distance of half an hour from the downtown. Surrounded by the trees of eucalyptus, apricot, apple, conifer, and Juniper this resort is the best place to stay. You can walk around and see the huts built at intervals lost in the forest and the cafe which is built in a fuselage of PIA aircraft which had crashed nearby in 1954. 
Nearby is the Upper Kachura lake which you can access on foot. 

3-Satpara Lake 

Satpara Lake is located only at a short distance of 20-30 minutes drive from the main bazaar. Here you can enjoy fishing and boating. The lake is one the biggest freshwater lakes and you can enjoy boating in the lake stretched over a vast area with crystal clear water. This lake is on the way to Deosai and you can cover both in one trip.

4-Shigar Fort

This fabulous fort is about half hour drive away from the main bazaar. Here you can enjoy the Tibetan style architecture of the fort and enjoy the fruits of the garden attached to the fort. This fort is also known as Fong Khar [ Fort built on Rock ] because its foundation has a huge rock. The road to this fort is actually the road which takes one to the K-2 peak. 

5-Khaplu Fort 

This is another meticulously built Tibetan style fort. This fort is about one and half hour drive away from the Skardu city. If you visit this fort then there are other tourist spots as well around this fort which you can visit on the same trip.  You can visit the Chaqchan Mosque located nearby and visit the Shyouk River bank to enjoy the cold breeze of glacier water. 

Other places to visit within the city of Skardu 

There are many other tourist spots which you can visit in the city either on foot or on any conveyance. We haven't listed these in above list because these are within the city and you don't need to spare extra time for these. 
For instance, Kharpocho Fort can be visited on foot because it is inaccessible by any vehicle due to its sheer terrain. Similarly, you can visit the Shaheen Polo Ground, Yadgar-e-Shohdaa, Sarfa Ranga and many other tourist spots in the city. 

Aug 23, 2017

Sarfa Ranga Cold Desert Jeep Rally Skardu

Where is Sarfa Ranga? 

Sarfa Ranga cold desert is located in Shigar District at a short distance of only 20 kilometers from the downtown of Skardu city in Gilgit-Baltistan. This dessert is one of the highest cold deserts in the world which receives snow in the winter.

What is so unique about this desert? 

The first thing comes to mind when you hear about a desert is the scorching heat. Normally the landscape of a desert is surrounded by sand dunes and a sign of water in and around the desert is somehow a nightmare. The deserts are found in low lying areas and finding tall mountains around the desert would be a rare possibility. But this desert is not one of those deserts. 
After having look at this desert you would be having an awe by its alluring landscape, because it is a desert which has mighty rocky mountains in the backdrop, a fresh water lake at a walking distance and a big river (in fact the biggest river of Pakistan, The Indus River) flowing beside the desert. The mighty rocky mountains surrounding the deserts presenting gleaming icy summits are some 6000 meters high in average. And the river which flows nearby is the biggest river of Pakistan which provides the water for thousands of acres of land from KPK and Punjab to the shore of Arabian Sea.

The Jeep rally

The first ever Jeep rally was organized by the government of Gilgit-Baltistan on 20th August, previously this rally had been organizing at the Katpana Cold Desert in Skardu city. 
A 30 kilometers track was marked and 72 jeep drivers and 20 motorcyclists participated on the final day after pre-qualification from 200 drivers and about 300 motorcyclists. 

Other Activities to enjoy

Along with the Jeep Rally, the participants enjoyed many other colorful activities which included the following.
  1. Zakh (Raft) competition at the nearby Jharba Tso (Blind Lake)
  2. Folk song and dance competition 
  3. Food and gemstone exhibition
  4. Freestyle polo match and
  5. May Fang [ Fire Playing game]


Apr 14, 2017

Jarogo Waterfall Swat , the highest waterfall in Pakistan

Where is Jarogo Waterfall located? 

Jarogo waterfall, known as the highest and tallest waterfall in Pakistan, is located in the spectacular and most beautiful valley of Swat KPK, only at a distance of 60 kilometers from the Mingora city, the administrative center of Swat valley. 
It is some 300 kilometers north of Islamabad and you can reach the waterfall in the maximum of 4 to 5 hours. 

The sublime beauty of waterfall is just alluring 

If you haven't witnessed the beauty of the landscape around this waterfall then you haven't enjoyed the beauty of the Swat Valley yet. The waterfall will hold you spellbound by its picturesque surrounding which we can call a part of heaven. The crystal clear water falling from the rocky outcrop with gushing and gurgling sounds presents an amazing view. The surrounding of the waterfall is covered by thick pine trees and the track which leads to the waterfall is so beautiful that we can't express in words. The road which leads to the waterfall from the Mingora city passes from marvelous and breathtaking green carpeted valleys and it gives a sense of freshness to the soul. 

How to reach the Jarogo Waterfall?  

Jarogo waterfall isn't that far from the main cities like Islamabad and Abbottabad and you can reach the waterfall in few hours. When we talk about how to reach there, it all depends on where are you coming from. There are two options to reach there from Islamabad. 

First option

The first option is when you are in Islamabad then you can follow the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway and it will lead you up to Mardan city. From the outskirts of Mardan city, you will turn northwards and follow the Nowshera-Mardan road which will lead you towards the Malakand. From Malakand when you further drive up towards the north you will reach the Mingora city. From the Mingora city, the road will pass through the beautiful valleys and ravines and lead you to the destination, The Jarogo Waterfall. 

Second option

If you are coming from the Abbottabad or Muzaffarabad or you want to visit the waterfall passing from the Abbottabad city then you can follow the Karakoram Highway. When you follow the Karakoram Highway you will pass through the cities like Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra and Besham. This route is actually the route to the Gilgit-Baltistan and from the Bisham city you will turn westward and reach the Mingora city. From Mingora city, the waterfall is just an hour away. 

Is there by air option as well?

Yes, there is. If you want to visit the Swat valley and stay there for few days till you visit all spectacular tourist spots then there is another option. You can skip the protracted road journey and enjoy the by air travel. There is an airport in the Mingora city known as Saidu Sharif Airport which connects the city with Islamabad. The PIA flights operate between the Saidu Sharif and Islamabad. 

Track to Jarogo Waterfall

Track to Jarogo Waterfall

a distant view of Jarogo